Global swipe to navigate - Best practice?

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Just had a quick question for a best practice on how to include swipe to navigate from a global sense. I’ve done quite a bit of scouring, but haven’t come up with an elegant solution as of yet.

I would like a solution that doesn’t require a function in each view controller to activate a goback or goforward in history, just one global that gets the job done.

Is there a magical way to include on-swipe-right and on-swipe-left from the top ion-nav-view of my app (¿would this even be the right spot?), and have (again a best practice) history function that will remember the state and allow for clean swiping?

Any help would be much appreciated!

Thanks kindly!

good question, would love to read some experienced opinion :slight_smile:

Not sure if that answers your question specifically:
I create an abstract controller, that sits on top of all the other controllers (nested). I let this controller handle the menu and other functions, that I need in every controller.

Looks like the pattern I want to follow in my first app that I am developing.

I actually managed to do it in ionic by placing an absolutely positioned div with a high z-index and a width of something like 20px on the left of the screen in my <body> tag. I just had to add the on-swipe-right="backSwipe()" directive and plug it to a function in my main controller :

$scope.backSwipe = function() {

It works well, but I would love to reduce the swiping distance needed to fire the function. Right now it needs a bigger swipe than on native apps.

This feature will be in the release version of Ionic BTW.