Git push successful but cant serve my app


ionic serve brings the below error after i git push successfully



It seems to be a environment variable error.

Type just “ionic” on the terminal and show the result.

Try use the powershell with admin privileges.

Hello, thanks for that. i had to reinstall ionic which works for me

but i still encounter the below problem. I can serve my app nw, but it is not opening any browser page for me to see my app.

the external Urls are not opening any page either


This is the what i have now after i serve my app

Did you try using: ionic serve --lab ?

yes I did try

ionic serve --lab
ionic serve -c

none of the command is displaying my app via browser or lab

oh my god.

bro, maybe it is a firewall in your machine.

what do you think, should solve the problem. Meanwhile I have another ionic
app (Not Pro ) that I can serve properly via browser or lab