Ghostclick bug reappears

Hey guys,

So I have an issue similar to - a ghostclick after a route change. I already updated to the latest beta and this existed in 5b as well as 6b.

I have a login screen (two input fields and a button to go to /signup page), if you click the signup button, it successfully transitions to the signupt page but it taps a text field automatically (the field where the signup button would be), hence the ghostclick.

Have been unable to get rid of this. Any ideas?

I’ve seen this and opened an issue. It was worked and closed but still happened under certain conditions. The commit was made but it seems like the issue has re-appeared somehow.

Here’s a link to my original issue:

EDIT: I’ll add that i’m also seeing ghostclicks in that a console.log() in one of my controllers is outputting its log msg twice after the page the controller is attached is navigated to. I’m working on isolating the problem to make sure it’s ionic and not my code.

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The ghostclick bug disappeared randomly from the route change scenario but now appeared in a different situation - after I click on an alert prompt button and there’s an input field underneath, then the keyboard pops up and causes a ghostclick.

Still unable to pinpoint the problem.