Getting user facebook profile details using ngfb


how to get facebook full profile details of a user using ngfb

This is my code
path: ‘/me’
}).then(function (user) {
$scope.user = user;
}, errorHandler);

Quick help will be appreciated


Follow the steps given the bellow link should solve your problem. It worked for me as well.


Thank you for your reply baviskarmitesh.I have already tried that steps only for fb integration thats worked fine but after login i using ngFB.api({
path: ‘/me’
for getting user profile details from facebook but i am only getting username,id only ,so how can i get their profile details like email,etc…


in the code part

.controller(‘ProfileCtrl’, function ($scope, ngFB) {
path: ‘/me’,
params: {fields: ‘id,name’}

add additional fields like email photo and etc. then only in reply you will get that info


I have tried it.That’s working fine for me .thank you very much baviskarmitesh.Can you send me the param fields for other details


refer FB API documents from


ok thanks baviskarmitesh