Getting started not starting


I’ve made an ionic 1 app. Converted the same to a PWA. Made an ionic 2 beta PWA but today wanted to look at ionic 2.1.

I made a basic app as per the Getting started. Moved to the project folder and issued an ionic serve command. The browser appears but it cannot find any index.html content.

The www folder only contains the manifest and service worker files.

I’m using webstorm and have configured typescript. Have I missed a step out.

Many thanks


What exactly did you do? Link?

Could you post the result of ionic info so we can get some overview of your environment?

Thanks for replying. I just got it working in the last five minutes.

It helps to have the CLI @ 2.1.x rather than 2.0 beta 36!!

Many thanks


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Exactly - that’s what ionic info would have shown us :smiley: