Getting rid of the ionic livereload


I tried ionic livereload feature and it is screwing my app. I authenticate users with firebase and firebase only allows login from the localhost or registered domains, the ionic livereload runs a local server which breaks the firebase login. I can’t get ionic to go back to the localhost thing.

When I type ionic emulate ios it or cordova emulate ios it keeps serving the content from the livereload server rather than the localhost.

Hey there!

The CLI was updated to allow you to disable this.

Ionic server commands, enter:
 restart or r to restart the client app from the root
 goto or g and a url to have the app navigate to the given url
 consolelogs or c to enable/disable console log output
 serverlogs or s to enable/disable server log output
 quit or q to shutdown the server and exit

This is available as of 1.2.4


help for ionic serve. More info: ionic -h

serve [options] … Start a local development server for app dev/testing
[–consolelogs|-c] … Print app console logs to Ionic CLI
[–serverlogs|-s] … Print dev server logs to Ionic CLI
[–port|-p] … Dev server HTTP port (8100 default)
[–livereload-port|-r] … Live Reload port (35729 default)
[–nobrowser|-b] … Disable launching a browser
[–nolivereload] … Do not start live reload

Look at the last switch.


I would like to disable livereload also but not for the same reason.

When dealing with mobile apps the user can’t just land on any screen they want to. Theres a succession of steps that must take place to arrive at certain screens. For this reason, when I update the css and the entire page reloads, it is useless and actually counter productive because I have to manually navigate away and then back to the screen for the state to be correct.

However, the live updating of CSS is definitely useful, for the same reason (reloading is counter productive).

Is it possible to leave livereload for the css so I can see live changes to style sheets WITHOUT reloading the entire app?


Would be great to have something to disable the watch… then you can manually press r to restart and build again… any ideas?