Getting error after updating to angular 2.4.8

I have followed this to update angular
the app loads fine and pages are working fine…except that im getting error on ion-refresher and ion-infinite

this is the doRefresh function:

 if (this.con.isOnline()){
     setTimeout(() => {

      this.jobsData.load().subscribe(res => {
      console.log([0])    // returns fine
      console.log(        // returns fine
      this.updatedJobs = res;
        if ([0].id === this.updatedJobs[0].id){    /// error here , not sure why
        } else {
 = res;


I get Cannot read property '0' of undefined even through the array return fine when i console log

       if (this.con.isOnline()){
          setTimeout(() => {
            this.jobsData.nextPage( => {
             for(let i of res){                   // error here apparently 
       }, 1000);

i get Cannot read property 'length' of undefined

I couldn’t figure out the problem, if I downgrade back to 2.2.1 everything works fine

I have yet to see a use of setTimeout in an Angular application that is justified.

Make sure to update storage (in app.module, not just the package version) as well if you’re using it.
And check out the latest docs for the component you’re using (i was using grid which changed the way it handles column width)