Getting email from apple store after publishing app on UIwebview

I tried all possible ways but i still keep getting email from apple rejection of the app submission

Make sure all your cordova plugins are updated, and make sure you are using cordova-ios of version greater than 6.1.0. Additionally, after opening the project in xcode, search for ‘uiweb’, see if you are still using any external plugin that still uses uiwebview. If yes, check whether there’s an update to the plugin to support wkwebview, if yes then update it, if not then try its alternative. For example, in my case, it was fcm-with-dependency-updated which was causing the issue. I had to use firebase-messaging as its alternative for it to work.
Try this and update here please. And also, if you get any details in email regarding which plugin is causing the review to fail, then please post it here.

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i have ios plugin 6.1.1 . After opening project inxcode and if i search i am getting refernces to webview . but how do i replace them?

You have to carefully examine each search result for that. Ignore those files which have uiwebview reference as comments only. For those files which have uiwebview as a part of their code, examine the code carefully, or look into the path of the file, it should reveal the plugin name. Get the exact name of the plugin from your package.json. Search for that plugin in, see if there is any update which will support wkwebview. Additionally, you may visit github for that plugin also. If update is there, change the plugin version in package.json to that version and rebuild, if not replace it with its alternative.

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I updated all my plugins and i am getting now the error [error] TypeError: Cannot read property ‘Minus’ of undefined
at /Users/mac/ionic-demos/xyzproject/node_modules/@angular/compiler-cli/src/ngtsc/translator/src/translator.js:47:37

how do i resolve this?

See this. Hope it helps.

check this out: link to use WKwebview instead of UIwebview

We recently updated our post here on common Cordova plugins and how to migrate/mitigate them.

guys the problem i feel after runninng grep command is with paypal mobile sdk … it may still be using uiwebview . how can i resolve it … its urgennt . i am stucked since more than 2 weeks now on this

Yes, it’s listed in the post I linked above. Our recommendation is:

“No longer maintained. Try this web-based suggestion from the community: ngx-paypal

Just to give you more Options:

I created a new Braintree Plugin: - it is still in development, so if anything works wrong or doesn’t like you would think, open an issue :blush:

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