Getting Address from ReversGeocoder


I am using NativeReverseGeocoder for getting address from latlong but it gives response like


Some fields are empty how to get complete address ?


Create a custom interface

export interface NativeGeocoderResultModel {
  subAdministrativeArea: string,
  postalCode: number,
  locality: string,
  subLocality: string,
  subThoroughfare: string,
  countryCode: string,
  countryName: string,
  administrativeArea: string,
  thoroughfare: string

Create an object of interface , and set it equal to the parsed result value

let Result: NativeGeocoderResultModel = JSON.parse(JSON.stringify(result));

Hope this method will help you


No My question is that i am not getting full adress means Sublocatlity, thoroughfare,subThoroughfare these fields are empty how to get these ?