Getting a variable from a .ts file into Ionic Creator project

I have created an Ionic Creator project, and exported it as a zip file. All of my html files are in a project/www/templates directory. Now I want to get code from my .ts files into the html templates. I have made a components folder in the src directory where I currently have the .ts file, and imported my file in both the app.module.ts file and the app.components.ts files.

In my .ts all I’m trying to do is get a variable into the html. My .ts looks like this:

export class leaderboard2
public testuser:string;
this.testuser = ‘test’;

And in my html I want to put it into an ion-item, so I have:


But when I do the ionic serve on my command line it still doesn’t show up in the html. Am I doing this wrong?