Get user details from mysql db

Any tutorials on how to connect to mysql and retrieve user profile details etc…

You will need to use more than ionic/angular for that, like php asp ect server side language then create ajax call for retrieving json with the user profile info.

will the php script work with ionic framework when you build it with phonegap to install on ios or android…?

Yes, because php will remain on your server and your app will be reaching out to it.

Sorry to hijack but does this mean that the PHP files have to be hosted on a website/server and the Ionic App has to query it? Or is it possivle to have the PHP files hosted inside the app?

$.ajax({ url: '',
         data: {action: 'test'},
         type: 'post',
         success: function(output) {
}); where would this file need to be hosted?

Make a php webservice (preferably serving JSON) connected to your user profiles then user angular $http directive to do ajax