Get Message from server

Hi all,

It’s more a general question than a specific IONIC question.

I’m designing an app with Ionic which will be connected to a server/db. Users will be able to send message or notification to others users.

Do you think I can create a listener with setInterval (every 10s for example) on Url REST to check if user have a message ? This application will concern thousands of users. Even if my server will be on cloud with Scala/No-sql technology, I’m worried about server load. What do you suggest me ?

Thanks in advance

Hey, sorry for the delay in answering, this. Been crazy busy!

So since it’s particularly related to ionic, I don’t know how much support your going to get here. The best place to ask would probably be Stackoverflow, since it’s about general angular/programming.

Don’t worry about response time. I think you’re right.
I will post it on StackoVerflow.

Thanks for advice.