Get first index in HTML to work with it

I have a list with an ngFor and a let i = index, but i dont know how to pass that index to the .ts and say that the first position has a different way of showing. I have a user comment and then an assesor respond to that comment and then the user replies and again… but the first comment(user’s comment) has to be on the top of the page very big, and the rest has to be under that with small boxes and text size. How could i do it?

Do you have to pass that index to .ts on some button click or div click or something?

I really think you would benefit a lot from taking the time to go through the Tour of Heroes. Your instincts seem to consistently be backwards from how idiomatic Angular wants you to think.

Specifically for this issue, look carefully at the new mental model section and the attribute binding section of the template syntax guide.

I’m new, dont need to be a jerk.