Get data from one page and display on another page using viewCtrl.dismiss();

How to get data from viewCtrl.dismiss on another page. Below is my code…

	<button ion-button (click)="filldata()">Fill</button>


//select.html (A Modal PopUp)
	<ion-input [value]="name" type="text" placeholder="Name"></ion-input>
	<button ion-button (click)="onConfirm()">Save</button>

	onConfirm(){ = {
         username: name,
Practically, I want to access "data" from select.ts to home.html page how do I achieve it

In Selector.ts

IN home.ts
let data=this.navParams.get(data);

Try this.

Upon using the code i get data as undefined. My home page is a wizard page with 3 steps and i am calling the select page from wizard step 2 so i want the data to return to home page directly to step 2.

Can you try with this