Get checkbox values and display them to another page

I have checkboxes that you can select one or more of with this function:

//Adds the checkedbox to the array and check if you unchecked it
addCheckbox(event, checkbox : String) {
if ( event.checked ) {
} else {
let index = this.removeCheckedFromArray(checkbox);

//Removes checkbox from array when you uncheck it
removeCheckedFromArray(checkbox : String) {
  return this.checked.findIndex((category)=>{
    return category === checkbox;

//Empties array with checkedboxes
emptyCheckedArray() {
  this.checked = [];

getCheckedBoxes() {

How can I add another function to getCheckedBoxes so that when the button is clicked, the checked boxes information would be displayed to About Page?

I found this topic.
I’m also looking for a way to get this done but I don’t find it.
Can you help me.
You display the functions for adding and deleting and displaying.
But what is the html code for displaying.
And getting the event and check box.