Geolocation plugin not working with Ionic View App

Just discovered the Ionic View app for testing and sharing your ionic apps. The app I’m working on however uses the org.apache.cordova.geolocation plugin to get the current position of the device. When running this app through ionic view fetching the position however fails.
I also tested uploading drifty’s sample maps app that can be build with $ ionic start myApp maps This shows a similar fault. It works without problem until a request for the current location is made causing the app to freeze.
The blog post on the new ionic view app however sugested that this plugin was indeed supported. Is there something I am missing here? Also I was wondering if there is a way to debug app’s that are tested with ionic view?

Not in fact supported, that was an error on my part. It’ll be in the next release!

That explains it. Great work by the way on the app. I’m just starting with developing app’s and this seems ideal for me as I am developing an ios app but do not own a mac. Is there a way to debug apps running in Ionic View? And furthermore could you give us an insight as to what plugins are currently available?

I have the same questions!

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Isn’t it a bit pointless to create Ionic View if it doesn’t support features like geolocation or local storage? I just got into a whole mess with my client because nothing that’s supposed to work is actually working.