Geolocation plugin heats my iPhone 5S


I use this plugin to geolocalize the user in my app.

Just before, i used the watchPosition(options) method but this way make my device (iphone 5S) very hot.

So i’ve decided to use the method getCurrentPosition(options) in a $interval every 30 seconds…

But the heat is always here…

I’m pretty sure this is caused by the geolocation plugin because CPU usage is never over 10%, sometime 50% when i scroll a collection-repeat, but the heat still here when i do nothing.

So my question is, is there a better way to geolocalize my users without melt their phones ?

Here is my geolocation service, maybe it could help:

angular.module('starter').factory('GeolocationService', function(

) {

var geolocInterval = undefined;

var methods =   {
  stopGeolocation: function(){
    console.log("Geolocation stopped");
    if (angular.isDefined(geolocInterval)) {
        geolocInterval = undefined;
  startGeolocation: function(){

    console.log("Geolocation started");

    geolocInterval = $interval(function () {

        timeout : 10000,
        enableHighAccuracy: false,
        maximumAge: 5 * 60 * 1000
      }).then(function (position) {
        console.error("Position retreived: lat:" + position.coords.latitude +", lng:" + position.coords.longitude);
        $  = position.coords.latitude
        $rootScope.lng = position.coords.longitude
      }, function(err) {

    }, 20000);



return methods;


Thank you very much for your help

hum, i’ve decided to disable the Geolocation plugin and the heat still here, I don’t understand…

Any idea of what usually can cause this overheating?