Geolocation every hour pwa / ios / android

Hi There,

I have experience with PWA’s and StencilJS, but I’m trying to figure out the native options op Ioinic now.
The goal is to have an app that when the user starts ‘recording’, the app will send the geolocation every hour to our back-end. When the user stops ‘recording’ or has reached a certain geolocation, the app will stop sending the geolocation every hour.

In a PWA with a serviceworker it is hard to get this done, so I started with ionic/angular to ios and android-thing… I got a bit of lost between all the versions and so on, hopefully I placed this question in the right category :wink:

So I used the photo gallery app from the examples and added GeoLocation ( to tab two. Within the devApp I’m asked for permission, so I think I implemented it the right way.

My question now is: What if I publish this to android or ios? Can I set up geolocation in the background? As this is not a feature that I can create with angular or manifest…

Regards, Peter

Ah, I found this one… maybe that brings me a step further: