Geolocation does not works on Android


Hi there,
new to ionic, have experience with html,javascript and web services.
I am developing geolocation based app where the app needs to show a users location on a Google Map.
Google Map is not native, it uses a to connect to API.

On iOS it works well, once i completed developing app on iOS i needed to create Android version of it.
So i went to Terminal typed: ionic add android and then ionic build android.

The folder have been created but it does not contains any html/javascript code added.

The geolocation does not shows on the app the console says: Could not get geolocation.

There are 2 questions:

  1. Why i cant see the code in Android directory and once i wrote the code in the files and controllers how can i update them in Android Emulator?
  2. What can be the issue the geolocation does not works? I guess it might be some security issues?or i need to update something related to Android since it is working fine on iOS.

Let me know which part of the code i need to place here to show you more details.