Geolocation - config.xml - only secure origin allowed


Im just beginning Ionic.
I write a very simple app, only show longitude and latitude on my page, when a butten pressed.

It works fine in Browser ( localhost:8101 ) but i’m not able to run it in Android-Emulator.

I get allways the error ( error-Code: 1) from the Geolocation:

message: Only secure origins are allowed (see:

ok! The Error doesn’t matter on Browser cause the browser access localhost ( this is a secure location by google )
the emulator connects 10.x.x.x ( IP from my Development-Station ).

So I tried to add:

        <access origin="*" />
        <allow-intent href="http://*/*" />
        <allow-navigation href="http://*/*" />

In the platform “andorid”-Sektion of the config.xml.

But same error happens again.

Has any-one allready solved this problem, without using a https-proxy?

best regards

Hi @hpollak

Maybe this might help you.

Add this line below in your config.xml

<allow-navigation href="http://localhost:8100" />

Thiago Pelegrine