Generating an android apk

I’m new to Ionic,trying to make my first app.
I have the default template that comes when you start a new ionic project,i.e with tabs,and I just want to have a glimpse of it on my android device. Followed the documentation but it hasn’t worked yet.
–> ionic cordova build android
Error message says try to run the command as an administrator which I already did.
Any help?

Post the error message. Also, have you already added the Android platform?

Here’s the error code:

Do not build Ionic projects as Administrator.
Do not run ionic-cli as Administrator.
Do not run npm as Administrator.
Do not do anything that does not absolutely require administrative privileges as Administrator.

Once you have ignored any of the above advice, even once, your only options are:

  • seek out a friend who knows what they are doing and beg them to fix it
  • nuke everything from orbit and reinstall the OS and regenerate the Ionic project
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I’d take that advice seriously if I were you.