"Game Requests are only available to games."

Hello guys,

i installed “cordova-plugin-facebook4” and everythings works fine without the function

facebookConnectPlugin.showDialog ( { method: "apprequests" message: "test" } , function ( success ) { console.log ( JSON.stringify ( success ) ); }, function ( error ) { console.log ( 'error: ' + error ); });

When i click on the button and i want to invite a friend, i will not see my friendslist, but only a white screen with the error message: “Game Requests are only available to games.”

I also tried facebookConnectPlugin.appInvite(fbOptions,… that works but i need the result of “apprequests” because i need the request no. for further functions.

Anybody an idea what i missed to do? I already checked my config.xml files… my app settings on facebook but i don’t know why i get this error.

in an older version of this app - it works with the phonegap-facebook-plugin which i can’t install on the newer version (cordova 6.2.0) - i don’t get this message…

in the older version i can invite people

Hey were you able to find a fix for this?

Hi guys, were you able to fix this issue?. I’m experiencing the same problem

Hey, go to your app on Facebook Developer. Click on Settings (Basic). Make sure your app category is “Games”. Hope that does the trick.

You review the installation. As well as installing game mods or apk mods on TechCrue to fix this