From intro to Menu area that swipes


I want my app to start with an intro page and when clicking the next button that would navigate to the actual app with menus it would swipe. Currently when moving from the intro page to the menu page it doesn’t do any animations.


Do you have a CodePen showing the issue?


Hi andrew
here’s a pen i made to show my problem

clicking on the button will bring me to the page w/ a sidemenu but won’t have an animation navigating to it.


Try adding nav-direction="forward" to the button.

	<a href="#" ui-sref="app.home" nav-direction="forward" class="button button-positive">move to app</a>


Updated the pen to have nav-direction=“foward” on the button.
It kinda works but there something weird going on, when moving forward it seems the navbar finishes it’s animations before the content? seems weird