Fresh Ionic 2 App Stops Working On Launch


I installed a Fresh ionic 2 application. Im trying to emulate an android phone and run the ionic 2 application on there. However, when i load up the android emulation and it launches the ionic 2 app it immediately closes with a message saying “Unfortuantly {App Name} has stopped working”.

Now again this is a fresh app so im not sure why its doing this. Can someone help me.

Emulator Settings:


Does it work when you serve it in the browser? (do ionic serve)
You can also try to use chrome o debug the emulator…
chrome://inspect/#devices in the chrome url
select your emulator from the list and debug to see if you see any message in chrome developer console

I can serve the ionic app in the browser fine.

were you able to use the chrome://inspect/#devices to debug the emulator

Hey nope, im also getting the same issue when i try to launch the browser in the emulator. I get the message “Unforgettably the browser has stopped working”

I tried doing adb logcat but i cant make any sense of it. i pasted here.

Log of starting the emulator > opening browser > opening my ionic app

Apparently you need to use host gpu for it to work.