Fresh install, implementing tutorial app, failing to serve stylesheets


Hello, everybody!

I just found out about Ionic and immediately started reading the docs. I’m having a few issues here, even though I’m following the tutorial steps. First I ran into the issue described here about the directory structure, and followed the suggested steps (copied the contents from ionic-app-base-master/ to my project root) and successfully built my app. When I ran the app, both in my phone and in my browser, the stylesheets were not interpreted by the browsers (mobile and desktop), even though they were found if I accessed them manually.

I’m running an Ubuntu environment with OpenJDK 7, NodeJS v0.11.13 (through NVM), NPM 1.4.9 and tried Ionic versions 1.0.9 and 1.0.0-beta (though NPM), Cordova is v3.4.9-0.1.0.