[Freelance] Ionic/cordova app - CYOA/chat story app


I am looking to create a chat style app like the popular apps Hooked or Yarn (www.hooked.co/ & www.useyarn.com). Basically including all the same features/functions. If you do a search “chat story” you’ll see there are tons of similar apps already on the app store.

-Ios and Android deployment
-inapp purchase (subscription)
-backend admin (remote add stories to app without resubmission)
-chat story can have text/image/video attachments
-let users “create you own chat story”
-Ad network
-Use both CYOA and chat style
-Additional…Please download the apps from above to play around so you are familiar with features and functions.
-This is work-for-hire. All source code/copyright will belong to me. Contract will be signed. Payment preferably via something like upwork to minimize risk for both sides.

I will provide a detailed spec, but please PM me if you are experienced in this kind of work and provide me an approximate quote. I would like to outsource the project but will determine if it’s worth for time to develop it on my own based on the estimated quote.


Sure. $10,000 for a framework.

Hello John,


I sent you a PM, please check.