Framework dependency in plugin (migration Cordova->Capacitor)


I am trying to migrate my project from pure cordova to capacitor. I have an edge case where I’ve built a own cordova-plugin and that plugin has declared framework dependencies in Android that are “custom”. See code below.

The plugin-dependencies don’t follow into the android project in capacitor. That leads to my plugin not being compiled, and I get an “classNotFound” error in runtime while trying to use my plugin. I am a bit new into Android and gradle so I don’t know how to fix this. Is there a way in Capacitor to add custom frameworks as dependencies and does anyone know how to set it up?


    <platform name="android" kotlin="1.3.30" >
      <framework src="./mylib" custom="true"  />
      <framework src="./myotherlib"  custom="true" />

Thanks in advance!