Found a perfect CMS for managing App Data

We found a perfect CMS for managing APP data using Concrete5 CMS (, We have build a complete set of API which can deliver data in JSON format.

Concrete5 CMS is build on top of LARAVEL, SYMFONY, DOCTRINE, JQUERY .

But if you approach Concrete5 as a developer you can see its a perfect MVC , suitable for making modules/packages/plugins

See here

See some features of this CMS
pwd to open pdf: 314

I would like to say the future of Ionic is with Concrete5 CMS where you want to manage APP data securely. Because C5 has lots of built in features which listed below.

#shopping cart, #directory listing, #news, #social media, #user management, #file manager, #collection pages, #events, #blogs

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Thank you

This feels like a spam post…

never, its a real post

correct link is here

pwd is : 314