Form updating with wrong data

I’m having a very annoying bug. I fill the form with wrong data type (for example, e-mail without ‘@’, phone number lesser than 15 characters, etc). I got the error messages, it doesn’t update on my database. But my form is getting this wrong data on it, suggesting that the user managed to update it.

I want to reload the page somehow, to show the correct data. I tried already ngZone + Events with updateScreen and it didn’t work. Anyone knows a good solution for it? Thx.

I don’t mean to sound glib here, but this is probably the most commonly asked question on these forums by a factor of 3, and I don’t think I’ve ever yet seen a situation where it was really the question the poster actually wanted answered, once all was said and done.

So can you post enough code for somebody to be able to reproduce the behavior you’re concerned about, along with:

  • an explanation of steps to take: enter “blahblah” in email field, press “submit”, etc.,
  • what is supposed to happen after those steps
  • what actually happens
  • what’s important about how those last two differ