Forcing page to update on Ionic 6. not getting refreshed quickly


I am not sure if I am doing something wrong. I am using the BLE capacitor plugin to communicate with WIFI module. I receive a list of SSIDs from the device quickly. I update the array, which is used to display a list on my page.

Now, the only way the list gets update on the page is if I was to wait about 10 seconds, or if I was to select and press a element on the screen such as typing in a text both or select item.

It seems that when I update my SSID list array , this is not updating the page instantly . Is there away to correct this or force the page to update/ refresh?

Thank You

Is it safe to assume you use angular?

The change may not be detectable by angular change detection, because it runs outside of zone.

There are some examples to be found here and with google. I believe you can force change detection from within your listener cide and/or wrap the listener in a zone

Good test to see if the app received the list is by placing a console.log closest to the listener

Yes, we are using Angular.

Yes, we receive the list, and it gets displayed on console.log much sooner than on the screen.

How do I preform a force change section?


Triggering change detection manually in Angular

](angular2 changedetection - Triggering change detection manually in Angular - Stack Overflow)


I am using a recent version of angular with Ionic 6, does this example still apply?

google is a better friend than I am…