Follow/unfollow users in ionic

I would like to know if anyone can help or atleast point me in the right direction on implementing a follow/unfollow user feature unto my app. As well as only display feeds from followed users

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Hi @mubi1015,

You’re going to need to provide some information about your back-end environment in order to get usable help.

For instance:

What’s your storage? Database? Tables?

Is this intended for live-chat or message digests (real time vs FB/Twitter/IG feeds)?

In the most basic sense, what you’re doing is creating a couple of one-to-many tables to track all users of interest/avoidance. When that user logs in, a query is made to your database, returning these lists of users of interest, and then their data feed is built with the resulting lists.

One thing you won’t want to do is employ front-end filters. Make sure to tackle all of the work on your back-end, otherwise your app will not be able to scale with a growing number of end-users.



Do you know how to implement a chat functionality using Observables? If not, learning how to do that is the first step. What you want in your OP is the ability to subscribe to multiple feeds. In two-person chat, you only need to subscribe to one feed.


I highly recommend this course: . He goes over follow/unfollow with firestore.

If you have a “pro” monthly member, you get the course for free. I’m not paid to say this, I have the pro membership, and I’m just a fan.