FLUSTER, rooms and flats to rent within your grasp!


I just noticed that after spending more than a year on this forum and trying to being active as I much as I could, I actually never displayed my app in this showcase section, so here we go :wink:

FLUSTER is a personal flat viewing assistant.

The app will helps people, who are looking for a new room in a shared flat or a flat itself, to discover their new places according their personal profile and to send instant viewing requests.

Furthermore, the app introduce some handy features like delivering more than just the details about the rooms or flats, by displaying informations about the neighborhood of every places, or being able to handle the all schedule of the user’s viewings.

If you’re actually looking to find a new roommate, looking for someone to takeover your flat, or looking for a new place to live, I count on you :thumbsup:

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