Fix your documentation, version flag is wrong and IonicDB is scrapped!

If there is one thing that truly pisses me off is poor documentation. I get that you guys want people to use version 2, but some of us refuse to. For those of us, you might want to update your documentation with the proper terminal command to download a version 1 seed project:

ionic start myApp blank --v1

Same goes for IonicDB. It was a cool feature, not sure why you decided to abandon it, but since you did, you might want to make that obvious, not just remove the tab and keep the entire documentation and signup page to the beta live. Some housekeeping, guys, it ain’t that difficult. An otherwise excellent framework easily gets dropped when documentation is shoddy and outdated.

With the current version of the CLI, --type=ionic1 replaces --v1 as documented at the end of here.

Well, there you go, you just found another thing that’s missing from the version 1 docs… :slight_smile: