First page ionic popup still there on second page


first page ionic popup still there on second page if user go back using android back button …
is there any option available to close it before going to previous page.


What version of ionic are you using? I think this was resolved for beta 4, can you try the nightlies?


I am using latest ionic 1.0.0-beta.4… and testing it on android also tried with nightly but its still there…


Is there any update on this…Any other way to close popup while pressing back button of device


Sorry, been incredibly busy, can you provide a codepen demo of this?


Just test this popup not closing automatically after clicking device back buttons…


Is there any luck on this…popup not closing on device back button


have u resolve this?


I will suggest, You should use cordova dialog plugin instead of using ionic
popup alerts .Cordova alerts is far better than ionic alerts.