Firestore backup with cron jobs

I have used this firestore-backup-restore for firestore backup. It is working fine. But could you tell me how can I use schedule it using cron jobs or like so? I don’t have any previous experience with cron job though. Any guidance would be really appreciated. I need to set up cron jobs with a backup script on Mac machine (Macincloud). If you can give me steps to achieve that, I highly appreciate it.

This is what I did using above api. This is working fine. But how to schedule it?

I have doen this on win 8.1. But I would like to run this on Macincloud.

firestore-backup-restore --accountCredentials D:\Backups\Firestore/budget-my-reno-firebase-adminsdk-lh8d5-5bfad6f090.json --backupPath /backups/myDatabase