FirebasUI Auth implementation

Has anyone tried implementing the FirebaseUI for Auth.

Providers have been enabled in the Auth consol (Keys and redirect URLs have been set).
I get console output of what is going on.

I keep getting this error in my console (only this error)
> Configuration siteName is required.

What do I fill in in the on success redirect URL in the Firebase uiConfig (now set to http://localhost).

Github for FirebaseUI

I have tried auth with angularfire2 but get a different error - ‘specified authentication provider is not enabled for this Firebase.’ My app can read from the Firebase database & I have enabled Password auth in the console and have incorporated in my app bootstrap. So I am not sure what I going on. Have not had time to pursue it today.

I do remember in one of the Firebase presentations at Googe I/O yesterday the presenter said FirebaseUI was in place for iOS and Android, and the coming for web. I am very excited about this capability.

I recommend submitting your question on Firebase Slack channel - they are very responsive there. Good luck.

Thanks for the reply.

I had some issues with another Firebase project relating to Auth when the migration from v2 to v3 happend. I started a new Firebase project and exported my JSON tree to it and it was fine again.

Here you have more information about it: apparently it is possible

FirebaseUI fully supports all recent browsers. Signing in with federated providers (Google, Facebook, Twitter, Github) is also supported in Cordova/Ionic environments.

I suppose that this is the configuration required: I will try it. Then I will share my experience.

Hi, were you able to get it set up? What steps did you take? Are you building an Ionic 3 app?

Hi, Obinnae I’m using Ionic 3, and yes I was able to set up it a time ago, followings the steps in the documentation that I shared.

Thanks. Did you use email authentication and phone authentication? The setup guide says they’re not supported.