Firebase UI iOS redirect

Anyone using Firebase UI? What are you using as redirect URL for iOS?

I’m following the Google documentation and I was able to set everything correctly for Android but on iOS I either face an empty screen or a “Dynamic Link not found” error on redirect once the login as been proceeded

Concretely, on iOS, what value are you assigning to your config for signInSuccessUrl?

custom url or dynamic link or ionic://localhost?

const uiConfig = {
            signInFlow: 'redirect',
            signInSuccessUrl: '',
            signInOptions: [firebase.auth.EmailAuthProvider.PROVIDER_ID],
            tosUrl: '',
            privacyPolicyUrl: '',
            credentialHelper: firebaseui.auth.CredentialHelper.GOOGLE_YOLO


on the web, signInSuccessUrl = your pwa url, https://…com
on Android, if wkwebview is used, signInSuccessUrl = http://localhost

Ummm look like the solution for iOS is to specify a callback signInSuccessWithAuthResult without any redirect…kind of sound wrong but it works :thinking_face:

callbacks: {
                // tslint:disable-next-line:variable-name
                signInSuccessWithAuthResult: (_authResult, _redirectUrl) => {
                    return false;