Firebase Storage : Get the token of the URL


I currently have an application that works with Firebase.

I repeatedly load profile pictures. However the link is quite long, it consumes a certain amount of data. To reduce this load, I would like to put the link in raw and only load the token that is added to the link.

To explain, a link looks like this: “

So I would like to put in gross:

In continuation: “9pGveKDGphYVNTzRE5U3KTpSdpl2” which is the UID of the user that I recover already and the or my problem this poses: “alt = media & token = f408c3be-07d2-4ec2-bad7-acafedf59708” which adds randomly for each photo .

I would like to get back only this last random piece …

Is it possible ?

Thank you