Firebase Notification opens automatically

I am using Firebase X for receiving notifications with ionic 5
I have 2 questions

First One:
when the app is in foreground and received a notification , The notification has opened automatically without clicking the notification
what should I do to prevent this action ??

Second One:
Navigating with parameters to the same page but with different parameters doesn’t change the page’s content
so how to change the page’s content with the new parameters

  1. This is the normal Behavior. Read here. Can you tell me why you expect the Notification to be shown when the App is in the Foreground?
  2. You can either Subscribe to the Router Event and reload the Page again or kinda send the updated Data to the new Page via a Service.

1- Okay can I prevent this default action of opening the notification automatically?
2- how to reload the page again??
I get the parameters at the constructor of the page and use them at ionViewWillEnter