Firebase errors will not display

/// ** Figured out my problem ** ///

It’s a fairly simple function. While the authentication catches the error, my program immediately exits the “createUser…” function and the error prints after the exit. As a result, I can’t display the error to the user.


I’ve tried it without the “then” statement, as it’s written in Google’s API. I’ve also tried adding a manual setTimeout function to delay the console.log function. Nothing works.

How can I make that catch statement “wait” long enough so that I can display an error message?

register(user: User){
 firebase.auth().createUserWithEmailAndPassword(, user.password).then(function(userCredential) {


      var errorCode = error.code;
      var errorMessage = error.message;
      console.log('Firebase register error caught: '+errorMessage);
      // ADDED SetTimeout function //
     // setTimeout(console.log('Firebase register error caught: '+errorMessage), 20000);

    console.log('Bounced out of create function');