Firebase Cloud Messaging for push notifications (both iOS and Android)

Stuck on same Task. can’t find any solution

if you find any solution please let me know

@mugundhan follow this video clip and solve your issue Here is the link

do you implement this>??

i resolved it by updating my SDK Manager so Update both Google Play Services rev 30 and Google Repository rev 26. follow this link for more details

@umer12 Yes that is exactly what i used

Thanks for the example. It works well with Android.
But i have probleme to send notification to IOS.
I use “cordova-plugin-fcm” not cocoaPods…

xcode warnings :

When i send a notification via firebase, IOS decive reveices nothing. I generated and imported “APN development and production certificat” in firebase IOS project.


hi @stewartmccoy I implemented the push notification with firebase. Check out

Just check out the README for some specific guide (i.e. using AngularFire2 with Ionic 3 and Angular4)

You can directly find it in firebase

I have used Browser notifications ZetPush

this link is dead… could you please explain, how you did?

did u find any solutions?