Firebase auth phone verify code another page

hello ,
i used firebase auth with phone it’s worek well and i received code on mobile
but h’ve problem now
ineed verify code validation in another page not in same login page
my code

        const appVerifier = this.recaptchaVerifier;
        return firebase.auth().signInWithPhoneNumber( this.final_phone, appVerifier).then(async (confirmationResult) => {
          let alert =   await this.alertCtrl.create({
            header: 'من فضلك ضع كود التحقق',
            inputs: [{ name: 'confirmationCode', placeholder: 'كود التحقق' }],
            buttons: [
                text: 'الغاء',
                role: 'cancel',
                cssClass: 'secondary',
                handler: (blah) => {
                  console.log('Confirm Cancel: blah');
              }, {
                text: 'تاكيد',
                handler: data => {
                    .then(function (result) {

                    }).catch(function (error) {


now it’s show alert to put code to verify but i need go to another page
and put code
when i pass “confirmationResult” show me confirmationResult.confirm not function

Can you rephrase this? Virtually every word in here is ambiguous. Who is “i”? What causes the “need”? What does “go to” entail? What is important about this “other page”? Does “code” mean computer code? A confirmation code? What does it mean to “put” it somewhere? What are you "pass"ing, how, and to where? What do you mean by “show me”? How does one “show” a function?