Fire-base performance monitoring( trace)

I want to check my backend API loading speed :face_with_monocle:. can we intergrade firebase performance monitoring system in an ionic what is the best way to integrate the ionic application with the firebase performance? please help me how to slove.

Firebase has web sdk. angularfire has performancemodule you can use. Well documented

It does not,however, measure backend speed, but front end only

Thanks for your fast reply.

can we using firebasex and angularfire in the same application ?. am already using firebasex :thinking:

without knowig that cordova plugin I reckon you can. The backend wouldn’t care less, I guess.

But the question is why if the JS SDK (almost fully wrapped by angularfire) covers all you may need.

With cordova plugin and JS SDK you probably have to do some integration efforts after the authentication step. For instance, sharing authentication tokens in order for one layer to work with the authentication done in the other. That adds complexity that may bite your tail, I would think…

Thanks for the Help Tommertom