Fingerprint registration and login Ionic

I am currently creating an application where the user will be required to register with their username, password and also their fingerprint on the application itself and all of these data will be stored in my Firebase.
After the registration, the user will then be able to login using their username and either password or fingerprint. When it is authenticated, the user can then be accessed to the home page.
However, the user will not be the owner of the device.
I am using Ionic 2 and Angilar 2. Could anyone please help me with this ?

Did you get it ?, I need help to do this too

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I might suggest a four digit code or something.

Finger prints only get managed by Apples black box and would never allow what you’re trying to do, store finger print details (even meta) elsewhere. Immediate App Store rejection.

If you are doing this as the person who owns the device I’d say go for it. Otherwise forget it.