Find out if ionContent is currently scrolling

Hey guys!

I have to do some heavy calculations in my ionic app.
I noticed that this leads to problems if the user is currently scrolling the view.

To avoid this I would like to delay the calculations until the scroll is complete, if the user is currently scrolling.
Is there any method to find out, if the view is being scrolled?

There is on-scroll-complete that you can add to the ion-content. Is this what you mean?

I tried that, but the problem is:
If the view is not being scrolled, the on-scroll-complete function is not executed!

So basically what I need is: Do the calculations right away, if the user is not scrolling OR do them if the scroll is complete.
But I can’t find a way to differentiate those two cases…

“window.ionic.scroll.isScrolling” does the trick.
Problem solved.