Find contacts using multiple values in options filter

The following code to find a particular contact in a device’s contact list, using @ionic-native/contacts, works:

var options = new ContactFindOptions();
var fieldTypes: ContactFieldType[] = ['displayName', 'familyName', 'givenName'];
options.multiple = true;
options.filter = "Smith";
this.contacts.find(fieldTypes, options).then((contacts) => {       
}).catch(err => {
   console.log("ERROR: " + err)

However, I would like to have more logic in the options.filter, ideally something like:
“John Smith” as displayName
"John" as givenName AND Smith as familyName

Failing that, I can always filter things out after using my first example above of course. I’m just wondering if this is possible, i.e. can the the options.filter have multi-value options?