Filter with input range not working (with examples)


Hi guys, thanks again for your awesome work, I love all of you.

Now is the sad part : I’m trying to make an input range filter, I’ve made this fiddle to show you two things:

  1. what I mean by “input range filter”
  2. that it should work !

Now, I’ve just reproduced the exact same thing with Ionic, and can’t make it work

Edit: this one will work, look at the comment below to see the one who doesn’t

Do you have any idea ? I’m becoming crazy with this issue

Thanks again guys, ionic is the best thing ever

PS : still waiting for my css3 logo to be on your front page and achieve eternal glory


I finally managed to reproduce my bug here :

The bug only appears when there’s tabs (as you can see, the previous plunkr worked just fine).

Do you guys have any idea why ?

Thanks again


Sorry to bump this, but does anyone see what seems to be the problem here ?

I edited the previous plunkr to use 0.9.19 instead of 0.9.17, but it doesn’t fix it.

Thanks again


You had a $scope problem. Basically, your rangeValue was a primitive. When it got used in other directives, it got copied/cloned. The fix for this is to use an object for your scope. The ‘.’ notation solves this.

This should work for you :


Oh thanks a lot !
Do you have any documentation on this ? it’s still a bit obscure for me…

You guys are the best


The Definitive Resource :

TL;DR : Use Dot Notation Everywhere !