Filter ngFor based on checkboxes on other page


I’m creating an app which has to filter down information on another page based on checkboxes. For example i have checked the checkboxes with: milk, cheese and butter then i want to display the recipes which are 100% matched to the checked checkboxes. I’m using ionicDB to get the information.

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Save the selections somehow locally (local storage, database, some global object) and get and use it in the list to filter.

If you are presenting the filter page as a modal you can pass data back through the onDidDismiss callback. There is an example in the Modal Controller API or check out the schedule section of the conference app for a full example of filtering.

Otherwise I would recommend using a service to hold the filter settings. That way the page displaying the recipes can get the updated filter settings from a service shared between it and the filter page.

If you still have questions try posting some of your code for us to see.

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