Filter does not work


I want to filter in my searchbar but the filter does not work. But the entries are displayed correctly.

filter(searchbar) {
    let inputText = searchbar.srcElement.value;
    if (!_.isNil(inputText)) {
      let allApartmentMap= this.allApartmentMap;
      this.apartmentMap.forEach(function (persons, apartmentname, map) {
        let allPersons= allApartmentMap.get(apartmentname);
        persons= _.filter(allPersons, function (p) {
          return  _.includes(, inputText) ||
            _.includes(p.address), inputText) ||

    <div *ngFor="let ap of apartments">

      <ion-item *ngFor="let person of apartmentMap.get(ap)">
        {{ person.address}}<br>