File transfer in ionic view app


I’m just starting development with ionic, but i have already some angular experience.
I wanted to try something with cordova file transfer plugin, which i got to work on the iOS and the android emulator now, but when trying it with the ionic view app (which is great by the way) it’s only working on iOS, but not on android. I get an code 3 error with some strange error message like “typeerror converting circular structure to json”. My Code is really basic - only standard which you can find anywhere on the internet. My Platforms are all updated to the latest version (android 6.0 as well on an nexus 7 2013)

Is this not supposed to work or is there anything i could do about it? The backend is as simple as the fronted in express js.

By the way i can not do the file transfer post request to my localhost server, but i can do other localhost requests - strange or not?

I can’t seem to get it to work in the Ionic View app either, but it does work in the iOS simulator. Any suggestions? For your “typeerror converting circular structure to json”, it sounds like you’re doing a JSON.stringify() on something?

I have the very same problem - for me the application works on the iOS Simulator and on the real Android device.
However, I really can’t get it to work on an iOS device.

i have the same issue

I know tried to run the application directly on the iOS device (using xcode) - and it worked perfectly fine, so it really is an issue of the Ionic View App :slight_smile: